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How I Drive Traffic to My Site – BROGAN 100 #71

This post may seem a little premature- it’s not like I’m getting thousands of hits a month or anything. But I’ve gotten what I consider a decent 800 new visitors in the last 30 days, without doing try nearly as hard as I should be.

Here’s where it’s coming from:

Commenting on Blogs

By far, the most traffic has come from commenting on other blogs. In particular, one comment I made on a Smashing Magazine post, with a link to a related post I wrote, sent a few hundred people to my site. Since I saw that happen, I’ve been making a more concerted effort to comment on other blogs, and it’s paying off. If you only have time to do one thing to drive traffic, I recommend you comment on other blogs.

Participating in Forums

I’m active in a few WordPress support forums, particularly the Atahualpa theme support forum. Basically, I try to be helpful, answer questions when I can, and ask a few things from time to time.

Unique Content / Long Tail Search

I don’t really rank on Google for anything special except my own company name. But I get tons of single-serve keywords, mostly for people looking for information about the Atahualpa theme, which I blogged about a while ago.

Networking and Personal Promotion

The rest of my traffic comes from handing out my business card, speaking at events, and running a group.

What hasn’t worked…

So far, I haven’t gotten much traffic from twitter, which is completely my own shortcoming. I just always have better things to do than be on twitter all day, and I can’t work with it running in the background.

What about you?

How do you drive traffic?
And how did you get here?
Leave a comment, let us know…

This post is part of the Brogan 100.
Learn more here and here.


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