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What’s a meta for?

Let’s say you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, salesperson, or professional service provider. And then let’s say you haven’t been up to speed on blogging and social media and all that twittering mumbo-jumbo. But then let’s say that you’d like to start expanding your business and that you’d like to get onto the internet and have a better online presence and all that.

So, you start with a Google search about blogs, blogging, social media, and all the rest. You start to read a few blogs. You read blogs about blogging. People twittering about twitter. People whose entire Social Media presence is devoted to talking about their own Social Media presence. These are meta-bloggers. And then other people are blogging about them- meta-meta. And then there are all these people selling programs designed to help you sell programs about selling programs to help people blog about selling. (Meta-meta-meta… wait… isn’t that a pyramid scheme?)

These are the kind of people you encounter first, because they have the best SEO for all the keywords you might type in when looking about information on blogs and blogging and Social Media.

And, if you listen to these people at all, you’ll find out something: you are way behind.
Blogging is dead. Myspace is dead. Even Ebay is dead. Nobody is using Internet Explorer. Nobody reads books anymore. Everybody is on twitter. Everybody has an iPhone. No, wait- you should be lifestreaming. No, wait- you’ll be left behind if you don’t implant a chip directly into your brain that syndicates your sensory inputs, thoughts, sexual arousal state, and bladder/bowel contents to a  feeder running on Web 3.7 technology.


And all you wanted to do was blog about flower arrangements or tax prep services.

The problem is- all the “experts” are fickle, early adopter types. And so are all their friends. And all their media sources. They buy and sell information about technology- so they have to continually be at the screaming edge of everything in order to have a competitive edge. They don’t really care, or know, about using social media to sell flower arrangements to your neighborhood or tax prep to local small businesses. They think- they really honestly think- that every single one of your potential customers behaves and thinks like they do, and so you should pitch all of your effort at the people who think that carrying a laptop on a business trip is old-fashioned.

But your business might not be like that. Sure, it might- if you are trying to sell smart-phones to 20-somethings, or music to teenagers, or web-apps to the technoratti. If you’re in a forward-looking field, or selling to a wealthy, forward looking market- then, yes, implant the chip and start streaming your bladder contents all over everybody.

For the rest of you- the flower arranger, the tax preparer, the Estate Planning attorney:
Blogging is not dead. Neither are newspaper ads, for that matter.
And Social Media is a fantastic platform… in combination with other marketing efforts… as part of a holistic strategy… that makes sense for your business.


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